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A high luxury hotel with the best room service and packaged activites? No, this is not the style of our place...

I for you, Paradise looks lore like a charming and discrete place without ostentatious luxury, but with all necessarye refinements, Atuana Lodge in Moorea is for you !

Lets yourself go... Close your eyes and imagine !



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Just on the other side of the channel between Tahiti and Moorea, nested under trees and surrounded by tiare flowers, there is a confortable traditional fare, smartly equipped to spend a few days far away from busy crowds and the usal cliches, and 2 confortables guest rooms in the large colonial house (just like a hotel)...

A vacation in Moorea, is above all, the pleasure of being able to live "like the polynesians" an unforgettable get-away, the feet in the water, without a watch and without constraints.

Your stay at Atuana Lodge will satisfy you beyond your expectations if like us, you are one of these who prefer the discrete charm of authenticity rather than organized tourism.